Q: Is this a show you made up?
A: No. This show was written by Ken Davenport, an acclaimed Broadway producer. He based the show on true stories people submitted MyFirstTime.com.

Q: Can I tell my own story?
A: This show is scripted, and all of the stories will be told by our four cast members. However, some of your first time memories may be selected for inclusion based upon our audience survey, which we hand out at the beginning of each show.

Q: What is cabaret style?
A: This means there are limited table seating you can buy for $35 a ticket and limited general seating for $25 a ticket. You can also bring your own outside food and beverages.

Q: How naughty is this show?
A: Rest assured, you won’t actually be seeing people have sex. Mostly, the show is just candid, funny, silly, awkward, sometimes sad stories about people’s first times. This show features frank discussion of sexual situations, and strong language. If it were a film and rated per MPAA criteria, it would receive an ‘R’ rating.

Q: Can I bring my family to this show?
A: That’s up to you. This production is intended for mature audiences. No minors under the age of 15 will be admitted. Minors 15+ may be admitted only when a parent or legal guardian is accompanying them.

Q: I’m LDS. I probably shouldn’t see this show.
A: Again, that is up to you. However, several of our active, good, awesome LDS friends are coming to see the show. That being said, there is a lovely story about an LDS girl’s first time, and it was the reason Amy Allred was motivated to produce the show.