You need to see this production! It closes Sunday, so try to fit this in! You won’t be sorry! It’s a terrific piece, with great acting! You’ll love it!
– Jim Dale

Okay, friends, this show is really something. It’s awkward, sexy, funny, angry, sad, disappointed, and *everything* one might expect from their First Time. The one thing it is not, is disappointing. You will literally hear yourself within these stories.
– Michael Jensen

THIS WAS SO FUN! And, surprisingly, sad and touching in so many places. Grab a bottle of wine and some snacks and make an event out of it. Highly recommend!!
– Kirsten Park

It truly was engaging for the audience. The cast and crew were flawless! It made me laugh and almost made me cry. Do not miss this show! I’m going back next week with at least a dozen friends! Money well spent at a great, intimate venue!
– Chris Coffin

“I had the distinct pleasure of seeing this fantastic play last night! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect…It manages to convey both the awkward and amazing moments of first sexual experiences with wit and grace…It’s a celebration of the human experience that connects us all. DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW!”
– Keri Wright

“Hilarious, emotionally powerful. A MUST see! Fantastic actors. Brilliant!”
– Mike Walton

“I just saw it, it was fantastic! A must see!!! Get your tickets now!”
– Michelle Barber Lyhnakis

“Amazing show! Everyone needs to see this one!”
– Leslie Hanson Fagenbush

“Don’t miss it! It’s funny, sad, poignant, bawdy, and deliciously naughty! The four actors were absolutely fantastic!”
– Jim Dale

“It was deviliciously delightful. Great selection for VD to remember My First Time (in a Provo cemetery). All the actors were baudy and beautiful to watch create their multiple characters in split seconds.”
– Blair Howell

“Great show, great acting! Unforgettable first time stories. Don’t miss it.”
– Lisa Ellingson Williams

“The show was the single best performance I’ve been to in a long time. Laughed my nether regions off!”
– Owen Graupman

“Great job to everyone in MY FIRST TIME. I laughed a lot….had some interesting conversations on our way home inspired by this show. Haha. So, thanks for that.”
– Natalie Easter